Chapter 1

Chapter 2
Don’t be embarrassed, nervous or afraid

Chapter 3
What causes people to need Banruptcy Relief

Chapter 4
What is the Procedure to File Bankruptcy?

Chapter 5
When should I file bankruptcy?

Chapter 6
What do I lose if I file bankruptcy?

Chapter 7
What happens to my credit score if I file bankruptcy?

Chapter 8
What can bankruptcy do for you?

Chapter 9
What Does Bankruptcy Cost?

Chapter 10
What is the Real Price Difference Between Bankruptcy Lawyers?

Chapter 11
If I am Married, Can I File a Bankruptcy Without my Husband or Wife?

Chapter 12
Will My Employer Find Out if I File Bankruptcy?

Chapter 13
Does Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy “Ruin My Credit?”

Chapter 14
If I File Bankruptcy, Can I Leave Bills or Property or Transfers Off my Bankruptcy Petition?

Chapter 15
Can I File Bankruptcy on Bills in Someone Else’s Name?

Chapter 16
How Does Filing Bankruptcy Affect My Credit Union?

Chapter 17
Can I file bankruptcy if I have co-signers?

Chapter 18
What About My Car in Bankruptcy?

Chapter 19
What Happens to My House in Bankruptcy?

Chapter 20
When Will Creditors Stop Bothering Me?

Chapter 21
Cross-Collateralization Agreements in Bankruptcy

Chapter 22
Bankruptcy and Joint Accounts with Parents

Chapter 23
When do I stop paying my creditors?

Chapter 24
Gas, cable, electric and phone bill

Chapter 25
Bankruptcy and Divorce, Alimony, & Child Support

Chapter 26
What Bankruptcy won't solve

Chapter 27
Chapter 13 Debt repayment Plans

Chapter 28
Will I be able to get credit again?

Chapter 29
Bill Consolidation Loans

Chapter 30
Bill Consolidation Scams

Chapter 31
Wage Assignments, Deductions and Levies

Chapter 32
Student Loans

Chapter 33
Can I get rid of Taxes

Chapter 34
NSF Checks, Traffic & Parking Tickets

Chapter 35
Surrendering Real Estate & Time Shares

Chapter 36
Business Bankruptcy

Chapter 37
Professional Persons

Chapter 38
Do you ever "Not Get" a Discharge?

Chapter 39
File bankruptcy for the debts of my deceased spouse or child?

Chapter 40
What if I need a Bankruptcy lawyer near me?

Chapter 41
About Geraci Law LLC and Peter Francis Geraci

CHAPTER #41 About Geraci Law LLC and Attorney Peter Francis Geraci

Geraci Law LLC was founded by attorney Peter Francis Geraci. Geraci Law filed more bankruptcy cases by far than any other law firm in the U.S. in 2015, over 13,000. We have counselled well over 100,000 clients. We don't know exactly how many, but we are now on file 635,000.

We only practice in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin, with about 30 offices, and over 100 total attorneys and staff. We specialize in consumer bankruptcy. We know the rules. We are easy to talk to and are always on your side. We are sympathetic. We may accept our fees in installments, and our fees are reasonable. We are interested in your future, and will give you advice based on over 100,000 past and present clients we have represented in matters similar to yours.

I have been practicing law since 1974. I am admitted to practice in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, California, Florida and New York.

I have tried many cases before both juries and judges. I have tried every kind of case from murder to paternity, from civil rights to work injuries, from paternity cases to automobile accidents. My last jury verdict was $6.5 million in a birth injury case, and I won the appeal and collected another $1.2 million in interest for my client.

Geraci Law LLC files over 10,000 bankruptcies every year. Some of my clients have done 2 bankruptcies with me already. Some of their grandparents were my clients!

Since my practice is now concentrated in bankruptcy work, the only other cases we handle are injury claims. We refer all other cases to competent lawyers who specialize in other areas. There is an advantage to concentrating in a particular area of law.

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