Chapter 1

Chapter 2
Don’t be embarrassed, nervous or afraid

Chapter 3
What causes people to need Banruptcy Relief

Chapter 4
What is the Procedure to File Bankruptcy?

Chapter 5
When should I file bankruptcy?

Chapter 6
What do I lose if I file bankruptcy?

Chapter 7
What happens to my credit score if I file bankruptcy?

Chapter 8
What can bankruptcy do for you?

Chapter 9
What Does Bankruptcy Cost?

Chapter 10
What is the Real Price Difference Between Bankruptcy Lawyers?

Chapter 11
If I am Married, Can I File a Bankruptcy Without my Husband or Wife?

Chapter 12
Will My Employer Find Out if I File Bankruptcy?

Chapter 13
Does Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy “Ruin My Credit?”

Chapter 14
If I File Bankruptcy, Can I Leave Bills or Property or Transfers Off my Bankruptcy Petition?

Chapter 15
Can I File Bankruptcy on Bills in Someone Else’s Name?

Chapter 16
How Does Filing Bankruptcy Affect My Credit Union?

Chapter 17
Can I file bankruptcy if I have co-signers?

Chapter 18
What About My Car in Bankruptcy?

Chapter 19
What Happens to My House in Bankruptcy?

Chapter 20
When Will Creditors Stop Bothering Me?

Chapter 21
Cross-Collateralization Agreements in Bankruptcy

Chapter 22
Bankruptcy and Joint Accounts with Parents

Chapter 23
When do I stop paying my creditors?

Chapter 24
Gas, cable, electric and phone bill

Chapter 25
Bankruptcy and Divorce, Alimony, & Child Support

Chapter 26
What Bankruptcy won't solve

Chapter 27
Chapter 13 Debt repayment Plans

Chapter 28
Will I be able to get credit again?

Chapter 29
Bill Consolidation Loans

Chapter 30
Bill Consolidation Scams

Chapter 31
Wage Assignments, Deductions and Levies

Chapter 32
Student Loans

Chapter 33
Can I get rid of Taxes

Chapter 34
NSF Checks, Traffic & Parking Tickets

Chapter 35
Surrendering Real Estate & Time Shares

Chapter 36
Business Bankruptcy

Chapter 37
Professional Persons

Chapter 38
Do you ever "Not Get" a Discharge?

Chapter 39
File bankruptcy for the debts of my deceased spouse or child?

Chapter 40
What if I need a Bankruptcy lawyer near me?

Chapter 41
About Geraci Law LLC and Peter Francis Geraci

CHAPTER #8 What Can Bankruptcy Do for You?

_____ Gets rid of as many bills as possible.

_____ Does not affect car payments if you keep the car and continue payments.

_____ Stops all calls and letters from bill collectors.

_____ Gets rid of cars you don't want.

_____ Stops interest on charge cards.

_____ Clears credit report except for bankruptcy listing.

_____ Allows you to raise your credit score.

_____ Lets you get a fresh start.

_____ New credit, including VISA & MASTERCARD, possible.

_____ Helps you catch up on house and car payments.

_____ Lowers interest on furniture and appliance payments.

_____ Stops interest on taxes due.

_____ Solves driver's license suspensions from automobile accidents.

_____ Allows you to start a savings plan immediately.

_____ Stops garnishments and wage assignments.

_____ Never pay another old debt again.

_____ Stop all calls from collectors.

_____ Stops lawsuits immediately.

_____ Employer doesn't know about it.

_____ Filing Chapter 7 allows immediate car loans.

_____ You can even buy a house during a bankruptcy.

_____ Allows you to start saving for a house.

_____ Money used to pay charges can now pay current expenses.

_____ Keep all your personal belongings and furnishings (up to statutory limit).

_____ Protect your assets from lawsuits and attachments and garnishments.

_____ Get out of leases.

_____ Clear up past due utility bills--only a deposit needed to restart service.

_____ All negative credit reports before bankruptcy are cleared.

_____ Accounts you have reaffirmed or paid are credit references in the future.

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